McKinsey has noted a 50-60% supply-demand gap for data scientists, with a shortage of more than 150,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers with big data analytics understanding over the next 5 years


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Data Science: the sexiest job of 21th century

Foundation DataSci promotes the knowledge of the Big Data and encourage interdisciplinary education to become


The purpose of the establishment of the Foundation is to promote DataSci.EU in the country and abroad, sharing knowledge of Big Data and supporting the teaching of Data Scientis. We also wish to integrate academia and business circles.

As the main task we set ourselves the organization of workshops, conferences and other events to promote the knowledge of the Big Data and encourage learning and development in the Data Scientist profession. The student got strength, so we also want to support higher education in terms of the work of teaching and the modernization of the research equipment associated with Big Data. Provide tangible support by awarding scholarships and prizes for talented students who want to develop with Data Scientist skills or another associated with Big Data.

Will promote the results of research related to Big Data and inspire new scientific work in this subject area. We want to move and disseminate knowledge about the objectives and activities of the Foundation in the international environment, which is why we work together and encourage the establishment of partnerships with research centers and foundations not only in the country but also abroad. We will inspire people to take action and support social initiatives in this direction.